We are Acoustics.

At Aural-Aid, we believe in good acoustics. Let us journey through the decibels and hertz of architecture.

We offer different types of acoustic panels ranging from fabric panels, timber grooved panels, perforated and microperforated panels, polyester 100% PET panels, wood wool panels, and soundproofing services.

Will you join us in our acoustics treatment and soundproofing adventure?

Aural-Aid is an acoustics company headquartered in Singapore since 2013. We build cinemas, auditoriums, and home theatres fulfilling ISO and ASTM standards. We believe good acoustics is important to improving our daily lives.

We like to think of ourselves as a young startup where work and fun exists together. We have bean bags, capsule beds, and a showering facility in the office to invigorate us!

We believe in doing things different. We aim to redefine acoustic design with a strong focus on sustainability, ensuring that our products not only enhance acoustics but also contribute to a greener, more environmentally conscious future.

At the moment we like to invest our time in research and development of new prototypes with in-house equipment such as 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser cutting. We work with parametric software to craft unconventional acoustic panels that push the boundaries of design and functionality.

We love to work and work to love. Our adventure to educate the world about acoustics has brought us tears and joy! If you are nearby, drop by to say hello! Our friendly staff will play a game of Nerf gun war with you. If you are tired, you can take a bath at our rainforest shower or maybe sleep in our capsule bed for a power nap!

‘Til then, see you soon! – with love, from the people of AA.

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